FF: Out of Control



I thought I had it all under control. I had a great job, a great life, everything. Yeah, there were some issues, but nothing to worry about.

Then, the accident happened and everything unraveled. Suddenly, everyone knew the truth: that I killed someone, and that I was high when it happened.

Now, I know, I cannot do it on my own. There are too many pieces, too many shattered lives. I need help. I need help.


Thanks for another inspiring prompt, this week from Liz Young and as ever from our diligent leader Rochelle. So many ways this picture could go, but it made me think of step-work and hitting rock bottom. In this case, hitting an actual brick wall. Oh my! But, I think we have all been there on occasion, some of us more spectacularly than others. What an image.

Have a great week.

11 thoughts on “FF: Out of Control

  1. Anne,
    The desperation comes through so resoundingly clear as you bring us into this character’s state of mind. Hope she gets the help she needs. Great bit of storytelling.

  2. I hope she gets the help she needs. Guilt will consume a person from the inside out. There has to be a support group out there for this kind of thing…

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