FF: Put a Straw in It

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson


Put a Straw in It

When the giant coconut appeared in central L.A., many people thought it was a prank.

No one could find a way inside. The government tried to cordon off the immediate area, but locals found ways to sneak in.

One intrepid local decided to take a wooden shaft and stick it in the coconut, like a straw. Sure enough, the surface opened, and delicious coconut milk flowed out.

A few days later, the aliens arrived. “We hope you enjoyed the gift of sustenance.”

The street holds the sickly sweet smell of coconuts to this day. 


Thanks Rochelle and Dale for this week’s prompt! Have a great week.

11 thoughts on “FF: Put a Straw in It

  1. What a quirky and original take, Anne. This was fun – and these aliens sound like the non-invasive, well, non evil anyway, type!

  2. Anne,
    Hope this was no poisoned gift, but I’m suspicious given the closing “sickly sweet smell of coconuts”!

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