FF: Forever, Like This


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Waves whisper in their delicate, gentle way as they sweep up and over sun-baked sand.

My head rests on your lap, safe and secure in the hot, musky scent of you. Your nimble fingers trace random patterns on my skin, each movement, each touch one of sensuous, deliberate intent.

Eventually, we should head back to our friends. Eventually, our kids will wonder where we are.

No hurry, though. Let’s stay here a little longer.

Oh yes, let’s stay here for a while.

This is my weekly entry for Friday Fictioneers, hosted as ever by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, with a prompt from CE Ayr.

This picture got me thinking of Gordian knots, Mobius loops, and different kinds of eternity. Love, especially romantic love is my favorite Gordian knot of all. Hope everyone has a great week!

13 thoughts on “FF: Forever, Like This

  1. Dear Anne,

    Such a sensuous and comfortable scene. You’ve painted a picture of a couple still in love and lust after however many years of marriage. Delicious!



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