FF: Surprise!



Molly believes in doing little things to keep her marriage fresh, like today, for example. Without comment, she drops the plain white envelope next to the half-full bowl of raisin bran.

Between bites, Liam opens the envelope and unfolds the papers. “What is this? Test results? For a prototype?”

Molly goes to stand behind him, eyes going wide. Oh no.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a very confused lab tech stares at two free Roller Derby tickets. Not what he was expecting but, hey.

10 thoughts on “FF: Surprise!

  1. I loved this story, Anne. I’ll bet Molly likes Roller Derby. I do too. In the late 60’s I promoted Roller Derby shows in Sacramento. I was knew Joanie Weston, the Roller Derby Queen with the Bay Bombers. When they played Sacto they always won, of course. Those were fun times. I have a photo of us together somewhere.

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