Why do you call me lord?

This week, someone was asking about the moral argument for faith in God. The moral argument goes something like this: we as human beings can never entirely comprehend moral good and bad. Therefore we need God. I paused to think about this.

In general, I mistrust rational proofs of God, but especially when we try to tie Absolute God to Absolute Morality.

After many years as a Christian, I can see why Jesus said not to judge people, ever. My automatic response when a fellow believer starts talking about moral absolutes at this point is either to walk away or ask, just out of curiosity, who are you trying to condemn here? What are you trying to justify? So, I can respond accordingly – if at all.

I think many times we strain for gnats while swallowing camels. Some will say we want to protect human life, but then you find out there is misogyny and exploitation of workers and systemic abuse not that far below the surface.

Whenever I think about this, I think of – well, a lot of things that Jesus said, because he said a lot of things. From what I can make out, most believers conveniently ignore the parts they would rather not “understand” most of the time. Which always makes me think of the part where he says, “Why do you call me lord, lord, but not do what I say?” Good question, Jesus. Maybe, because people are weird. Tentative guess.

The Gospel is actually quite simple and elegant and portable. God wants everyone to be saved. Everyone will be saved.

There is the way where we put our hand to the plow and join in the work. We genuinely love our neighbors. We have fun, we laugh and we cry, and we try to leave the world a better place than when we got here. We walk the straight and narrow line of love for others.

Or, we can live like there is no tomorrow. We can use other people and the planet without thought or care, until all our futile deeds get exposed as futile deeds.

Not a whole lot of moral gray area there.

I am pretty sure at this point in the work of evangelization, we all know what we are supposed to be doing. Not so deep down, we know if we are doing it. Or not. And if we even care anymore.

Believe or don’t. Live it or don’t. Fight the good fight and ask the really hard questions – or take the wide and easy way path of comfort and going along to get along.

Please, human race: choose life.

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