There Remains a Rest Day

I can’t believe it’s Monday again.

This week, I want to talk about the two sides of my most precious coin: the promises of God and the fact that eventually God has to come through – if God is God. Knowing this in my heart is like getting previews aka consolations from the Holy Spirit. First and foremost, I believe the Holy Spirit gives us much-needed peace, a foretaste of the rest yet to come.

Hebrews 4:9 “There remains, then, a Sabbath rest for the people of God.”

Elsewhere, God observes that God does not need anything from us (true). Our relationship is one built on love, not on owing people things. And yet, God has made promises that God has to fulfill, because God is God.

In context, the verse from Hebrews talks about striving for the right things, so that after our work is done we will be able to rest as God rests. Lest we take that too literally (as in God is off sleeping while we do the heavy-lifting) Jesus observes elsewhere, God is not yet resting in time as know it. The Father continues to work, and that is why we also continue to work (John 5:17).

For now, God does not rest on any day – and neither can we, not entirely – because people are in need every day of the week. We celebrate rest days as a reminder of the perfect rest to come. It has not come yet, and it’s important to Know This. (2 Timothy 2:18) We do good deeds in order to be worthy of that day, to maximize the benefit we will get from it.

For now, everything we see is just shadows of something better to come.

We continue to benefit from those shadows, from hints of a better future. I remind myself that sometimes I need little mini-breaks, like the one I’m trying to remember to take right now. We need to pause, to breathe. Like everyone else, my ability to rest is only temporary and always subject to in-season and out-of-season (2 Timothy 4:2) interruptions as needed. But – it is necessary to try.

I can do only what I can do. This is not just about days of the week either. It’s about humility and deference to others, to their strengths, abilities, and commitments. I need to be able to set boundaries, to say this is not my job. I will trust so-and-so to do this.

Hope anyone who reads this has a great week. I definitely need a bit of a deep-thought break. Hope this helps someone. Remember, God knows all our hearts.

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