Letter to God: Checking In Again

Hi again Abba/Father,

Still not feeling in a super-great place but I’m feeling better today and wanted to write that out along with I am going to try adding prayer and writing these letters to my daily schedule, at least until I get my *regular* job back. Since writing fiction (my original 1:00 task) was not working for me for reasons where it’s like – you know, I’m not going to feel bad about that anymore. It’s just not my calling to write novels right now, well, especially when my emotions are all understandably wonky.

I’m going to try all the morning stuff including working toward healthier breakfast for my health and not for anyone else’s view of me. Work in progress! Then, some housework and some simple meditation time with music. Then from 1:00 to 3:00-ish, I’ll do prayer including outdoor prayer if it’s nice out like today. Specific time to listen to the voices in my head – not that we’re not talking all day – but time to listen and honor that part of myself a little.

Then, I’ll write a brief letter to you. Just to say whatever, whenever. Something to look forward to, because I do look forward. I think that’ll be my schedule for a while. See how it goes. I love you always. Thank you for life.

As always, your daughter,

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