IWSG: Springspiration!

It’s the first Wednesday in May and so far what a month it is. Due to the weird weather we’ve been having in the Northeastern United States, I keep having these dreams lately that we have snow in May – and I mean a lot of snow. Last night, I dreamed we were having a blizzard and I had to cancel plans because of it. That said, in reality, the weather has been great, finally getting a warm. For now….

This month’s optional IWSG question asks whether we write better in springtime. And absolutely! Actually, I do a lot of things a lot better in springtime, like spring cleaning, long leisurely walks, occasionally yard work. This year feels different though. Trees are finally starting to grow leaves but it’s taking them a while.

This spring feels, in a way, more so – because it’s been such a long time coming, and now I’m so glad it’s finally here. I hope. For real this time. (It may still start snowing again….)

How about you? Is it spring where you are? Does spring make you feel inspired?


4 thoughts on “IWSG: Springspiration!

  1. Yep it’s spring here. The cherry blossoms are fading fast! *sad face* Spring has sprung and the birds have sung! Spring definitely inspires me. It’s my favorite time of year. When everything comes back to lifeso do I…and there’s more sunshine flowers and blue skies still to come.

  2. Hi Anne!
    It’s autumn my end of the globe… and I’m enjoying the ‘not-too-hot’ yet ‘not-cold-at-all’ weather. Yes, along the coast we have the perfect autumn weather.
    Actually, we have the perfect winter weather too. We never have more than a few days of extremely cold weather, so all the locals flock to my end of the country during winter.
    Writer In Transit

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