Image from KCAW The Raven


You’ve treated me wrong for far too long.
I’ve let you. Need to forget you, I guess.
But I can’t. It only makes – how my heart breaks,
Never makes me love you less,
Only makes me love you more.

You call me a loser, beggar not chooser,
Who else could want me? So you would taunt me.
Perhaps I am nothing, perhaps worthless.
You deserve better. You’d know best,

You’re so great, so superior, I should leave you here.
To find someone better than me, your inferior.
I may not be smart. I think with my heart.
I believe this is for the best

Author’s note: I know I didn’t do Poe justice in this one, but in my defense he was a pretty wacky guy, so I think it’s still all good.

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