IWSG: I Heart Fantasy


Hard to believe it’s February already, but it is. That means today is IWSG Day and a week before Valentine’s Day, which makes it the perfect time for this optional question of the month.

February 7 question – What do you love about the genre you write in most often?

Okay, I may not write fantasy most often, but it’s the genre I love most, because I love creating new worlds. I love exploring new worlds when I read, too.

Every genre can and should have interesting characters. But in fantasy you get interesting worlds built on nightmares and dreams. Some of my favorite world-builders are authors like George R.R. Martin, Mercedes Lackey, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Octavia E. Butler. One of the things I love about these authors is that the world is a major plot point, like another character with motivations and secrets to uncover. At times, I find the world more interesting than the characters.

For example, in the Lord of the Rings, Tolkien uses the idea of the Undying Lands to navigate our fears and hopes about life and death. We hope those we love are in a “better place” maybe even the place they were always meant to be. At the same time, we want to think the are still with us. I love the tension between this place and wherever mortals actually go when they die. It’s just one of many ways he uses setting and world-building in a way that wouldn’t be possible in another genre.

I don’t write fantasy most often, because it’s hard. Creating a world is hard work. Salutations to all the writers who have gone before and pulled it off.

What about you? What’s your favorite genre to write and read? Is it also the one you write most often? Do you love fantasy too?

Happy IWSG Day and Happy February!

26 thoughts on “IWSG: I Heart Fantasy

  1. Oh boy… That’s what I’m in the midst of right now–world building. I love it, and at the same time, there’s SOOOOOO much to consider and figure out. But hey, it’s a nice excuse to live in my own head for a little bit. πŸ˜‰

  2. I must admit, when I start thinking about ordinary people in ordinary places in ordinary time, compared to the sparkling, endless variety of fantasy, it really can sound more interesting.

    1. Mystery is definitely not boring! I love cozy mystery and sometimes it can be fantastical. I love the Cat Who… books by Lillian Jackson Braun. Which can be magical in spots!

  3. Hi, Anne! I’ve missed you. I read and dabble in different genres but agree that fantasy is difficult. I need world-building help. πŸ™‚ Have a great day. Hugs, Eva

  4. “Insecure Writers Support Group” This definitely caught my eye. I’m definitely an insecure writer. My genre is not always well accepted, but it’s my passion. I’m far from being a great writer, but I hope that what I write speaks. I don’t write fantasy but I do read some fantasy. “The Hobbit” is one of my favorites, (though it makes me crave cakes and cookies. Hehe.) and I enjoy “The Chronicles of Narnia.” I also really enjoy children’s stories like “Alice in wonderland” as well as “The Wind in the Willows.” Old books are my favorite reads, they just hold so much charm, and speak of a time when people weren’t so crass. I guess I feel like a bit of an alien sometimes.

    1. Thanks for visiting Tina. Yeah the IWSG is a really great group for writers and anyone can join. And we all post the first Wednesday of the month but there are also other activities throughout the month. They help keep me if not “out of my shell” at least poking my nose out from time to time to see if it looks safe out there yet. What is your genre that you write? Also, hey, us out-there aliens need to stick together! If Star Wars and Star Trek have taught us anything, they have taught us that. πŸ˜‰

      1. Like inspirational religious right? No matter what you write some people won’t like it. I’ve been criticized by a writing prof for writing fantasy because there’s this huge antifantasy bias in much of scholardom. Write what makes your heart sing. Even if theres no label. I like your writing anyway and it seemed very inspirational what I saw. Hope you and Andrew had a great Valentines Day! And that you’re both doing well.

      2. Thank youuuuuuu! I never liked calling myself religious, because religious had a very negative connotation to me before I became a Christian. I prejudged it like most people tend to do. God is my passion though, and indeed makes my heart sing (my lips too) so I can’t help but write as I do. Thanks for the comment on my Yoda and Jesus comparison. I had a lot of fun piecing it together! I hope that it IS encouraging and inspirational.

        Antifantasy!? Wow, didn’t know that. What do writing profs know? Isn’t writing supposed to have a creative component to it? I’d say writing fantasy is a pretty creative use of ones words. Besides, of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis had his hand in fantasy (Same with Tolkien) and now their stories have been made into movies. So I’d say the people have spoken. πŸ˜€

      3. Yeah religious comes with some definite negative connotations. I guess for me I’m more like rock and hard place in that I believe in God – and Jesus – and the Bible, at least in theory some days more than others. But when it comes to “church” in the sense of the various organizations with that name, I’m pretty much done and this time I mean it. Done. That said, yeah I don’t know, it’s nice to read Christian stuff as long as it’s not preachy or why are you not being “Christian” on other people’s terms. Well, Jesus wasn’t religious on other people’s terms either. I’m starting to figure out why.

        Yeah, I could go on and on for some time about the whole fantasy and scholars thing. I listened to this Great Courses lecture I borrowed from the library. It talked in part about why scholars are so anti-fantasy and why fantasy nonetheless is so important and necessary to modern society. I think there is a connection between being anti-fantasy and anti-religion (in the non-dogmatic sense). But we need to “believe in magic” as it were and admit that’s part of what makes us human and different from other animals. Okay getting off my soapbox now. =D

  5. Fantasy isn’t my go-to, but when it’s good, it’s really good! LOTR, The Hobbit, and of course Harry Potter! (Still waiting on my Owl). World building is hard! I write cozies because mostly I just don’t want to be stressed. LOL.

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