IWSG: Life Informs Art – and vice versa


Survived another holiday season, writing when I could get a chance, and it occurred to me how much of writing means getting in touch with my own feelings and with people. So, here’s a few lessons I learned.

1. Honesty Works. In writing – as in relationships – it can be so tempting to beat around the bush, dancing around certain ideas everyone is thinking but no one wants to say in order to “build tension” and/or avoid the uncomfortable. It’s amazing how simply saying Look I’m Upset or Here Is How I Feel opens to the door to the really good stuff.

2. Let Go and Have Fun. Sometimes, I need to put aside the need to be productive (in a controlling sense) and have some fun, see how the unexpected goes.

3. Everyone Wants to Be Loved. No matter how crotchety and/or hardened, people  want to know that they are cared for.

4. Little Touches Matter. “It is the thought that counts.” Really, when it all comes down to it, I’d rather know someone cares with a tiny, but thoughtful, gesture, than receive a grandiose gesture with no thought. In fact, those huge gestures can be off-putting, even intentionally so, more about the giver than the recipient. Perhaps that is what we mean in fiction when we say “show don’t tell” and “sometimes less is more.” Don’t bowl people over with our use of fancy words and metaphor.

That’s where I am now and how I’m thinking. Still juggling way too many projects – and having fun doing it.

How is your writing going? Anything fun in the works?

19 thoughts on “IWSG: Life Informs Art – and vice versa

  1. This list has completely made my day. I often get stuck of subtext and trying to do the artistic thing and let the reader guess what is happen. Hundreds of words later and still nothing happens so I just decided to cut all that out and state things plain and simple! I’m still learning to let go and have fun!

  2. Excllent lessons I can apply in both writing and life. And you’re right about the gestures. I’ve seen moments where a grand gesture was bowled right over the intended recipient making the whole thing a shameful debacle.

  3. Great reminders! And yes, we need to have fun, too. I’m been trying to figure out a schedule for the beginning of the year that will allow built in free time, maybe for my photography, and a good schedule the rest of the time. Good luck in the new year!

  4. Hi Anne!
    Thank you for the wonderful comment you left at my blog yesterday.
    I love these lessons you’ve shared.
    Good to read that you’re still juggling all those projects… at least you’re never bored! Actually, I get the distinct impression that you’re having the time of your life! And that’s the way to go!
    I hope you have a wonderful and productive 2015!
    Take care.

  5. These are excellent reminders to start the new year staying in the moment. I have such trouble just having fun but I am going to change that this year.
    Happy new Year and Happy writing.

  6. Oh yes oh yes oh yes! Such good lessons to hear. Thank you for sharing them. I’m doing just fine because I’ve got a new release this month and I’m excited about it when I’m not obsessing over the marketing aspect and how poor a job I’m doing so far. Still, it’s better than what I did with my first book, so progress is being made. I’m soooo late on getting through the IWSG list, but I did make it! Happy New Year! http://celticadlx.blogspot.com

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