IWSG: A Day Late and…


Okay so the official post date was yesterday and it is now Thursday but I was really looking forward to Insecure Writer’s Support Group this month. In my defense we had a minor family emergency that somewhat extended Thanksgiving and also I’m still a bit burned out from all that writing last month.

Starting this month, I’m using a spreadsheet to keep track of what I’ve accomplished every day. Also, I’ve decided to personally invest in Adobe Creative Commons and see how much about web design I remember. I’ve got Word Press for Dummies (me = dummy) and Web Design for Dummies waiting for me at our local library.

I have ten (or so) novels to edit. (I’m actually not kidding about that – I have TEN novel drafts to edit, at various levels of de-composition.) Also, I’m still a little run-ragged feeling so given to bad punning. For this, I apologize. I have a short story out on submission. (Only one but hoping to get a couple more out soon.)

Anyway, I really, really wanted to post something this month and figured I’d better carpe diem.

Blessed be and much happy writing!