Miraculous Monday Moment

Ever have one of those moments where you realize how good it is to be alive? Even though it’s cold here in PA, the sunlight is beautiful in winter. I love the cool, frosty beauty of winter light. Even when the wind is strong enough to blow over the trash can.

2015-01-05 13.36.31

I’m working on editing Summer Fire, sequel to Cold Iron, and writing a piece on a subject matter near and dear to my heart, something I’ve been wanting to write for years now but didn’t feel up to. Also, our library ordered Octavia E. Butler’s Lilith’s Brood on Overdrive – not the most upbeat series but so mindbendingly inspiring.


I’m not sure where these moments and moods come from. I know I can’t hold a moment, because time flies out of our fingers even as we grasp it. I don’t want to, either, because all times are to be treasured, but it’s a good day to reflect on the moments as they come.


How is your Monday and your new year coming along so far?

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