IWSG: Ready or Not


This past month has been interesting. I’ve done some freelance work (business writing), got paid for a short story – for research not publication. (But still! Paid for a quick flash fiction that took me an hour to write.) I have three short fiction pieces on submission, one rejection under my belt. I finished a 70,000 word rough draft for CampNaNoWriMo.

Last week, I finally got everything moved from St. Louis back to Pennsylvania. When changing my car insurance over, the guy asked for my profession and I said self-employed, then writer. He jokingly said, you have a Master’s. J.K. Rowling was a middle-aged housewife. You’ll make it. At the time I laughed. Now it is bringing tears to my eyes.

I wanted to interrupt the car insurance guy and explain that the stuff I get paid for is thus far not New York Times bestseller material. My novels (yes, I’m jugging several) are all fantasy, but they’re not my living – yet. Maybe ever. But I’d rather try and fail than never try.

I want to say something incredibly clever and brilliant that will bring tears (ideally of laughter) to people’s eyes, but I’m mostly exhausted – and loving every moment. I keep being sorely tempted to give this up and find A Real Job with better pay. I keep telling myself, give this till the end of the year.

Then I follow the thread of thought and action that led me to this point, from obsessively writing my first novel at ten years old to graduating with a Creative Writing degree back in 1999 to working Real Jobs because I wanted to *live* before writing. Now, here I am, and … I must be out of my mind because I think I’m ready. Maybe.

P.S. Sorry this is late! I set it up to auto-post late last night but for some reason it was saved as draft instead. But … it’s still Wednesday!

15 thoughts on “IWSG: Ready or Not

  1. What you’ve done in this past month is so inspiring to me! I’m still spinning my wheels in the “I should try to write things to send places” stage, keeping afloat on the projects I’m doing, but mostly just barely.

  2. You’ve said it yourself; “Iโ€™d rather try and fail than never try.” You’re living your dream, and “loving every moment.” You’re so brave, and you really do have my admiration. I’m a long way off being able to even contemplate giving up the day job, but one day… one day.

    1. Thanks Angeline! I’m at a transition point, so it’s more like … waiting to go back to (maybe) rather than leaving, which makes it a lot easier. This is what I tell myself anyway. If I hadn’t already taken steps for a career change and weren’t in transition I probably wouldn’t have the guts to do this either. I’m still not sure if this is courage or bravado. Thanks for calling it brave!

  3. Sounds like we have a lot in common. I quit my “day job” in 2012, and am supporting myself by freelancing while I try to make a go of being an author. What’s surprised me is how much busier I am than when I worked in an office…sounds like you’re finding the same.

    Best of luck with all your projects! Never give up.

  4. Writing is writing. If you can write and get paid for it, that’s wonderful! As long as you write you’re a writer and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of that. I agree with Alex! Just keep being who you are and going after your dreams. Some people will never consider you a “real” writer unless you reach Rowling or King status. They don’t get it! But, that’s why we have the IWSG ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! Cheers! ~ Jen

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