Friday Fictioneers: Another World



Photo credit: Julia Pendergast
Response to May 30, 2014 prompt at Friday Fictioneers.
Another World, Genre: Fantasy

Two years had passed since Julia left to investigate the disappearance of her sister, leaving only a single scrap of paper.

“Stand in front of the doorway, say the words, and the portal will open.”

Mark held the note in front of him and read, “I am ready to see Elysium with my eyes. Open for me now.”

Golden light erupted from the stone floor and walls. It was true, all true.

Mark crumpled the letter in his hand and slipped the paper into his pocket, then turned away smiling, secure in the knowledge that wherever she was now, Julia was happy.
A day late and a dollar short! Just got back from a trip and had to take a shot on this one.

21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Another World

  1. It’s a very good shot, Anne! I haven’t read much fantasy at all. My brain is too square. So I will have to give it a try.


  2. quite a mystery on where the sister and Julia may be located. i like the happy tone you included with Mark being satisfied with his findings. very nice story, Anne.

  3. A portal! What a great idea. And you did so well with it. I’m a sci fi freak but I read fantasy, too. Give me more of this story, please. Well done. Lucy

    1. Thanks Lucy! The short story I was writing still needs lots of work. I love fantasy, but the whole other dimension thing is so tricky to write without it getting all weird and out-there and that’s where I’m getting hung up. Glad this flash fiction worked though!

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