FF: Not a Game, Anymore

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

 “It’s funny when grown adults act like spoiled children,” you once said. “It becomes not funny when they have guns.”

I laughed and said, “True.” We were talking about the invasion of some faraway land. The situation had nothing to do with us.

Now, I hear ignorant people calling you antifa, saying you had it coming.

At your memorial service, I share how you loved Mozart. Pink was your favorite color. One time, when we were kids, you got lost on the beach at night.

You died as you lived: wrong place, wrong time, right reasons.


This is my entry for Friday Fictioneers, this time heavily inspired by Rochelle’s story, as well as the photo from Roger. Hope everyone has a great week.

6 thoughts on “FF: Not a Game, Anymore

  1. No, it’s not funny. It’s scary, even if they do look like children playing dress-up parading around stores with their open carry, just because they can, and think they’ll be the “good guys with a gun” some day.

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