FF: Till Next We Meet

PHOTO PROMPT © Bradley Harris

In my memories, I see you there on the horizon, disappearing into sunrise, a fresh, crisp day.

A bird heralds the dawn, singing your farewell. Golden light bursts through distant clouds. Grass carpets the ground beneath our feet. A long, cresting breeze builds and blows off the lake surface, lifting your hair into messy, charming wisps around your face.

You hate goodbyes. Me too. Instead, we say “See you later.”  Maybe.

Either way, I wish you joy wherever the road leads next. May your next stop bring you joy. And, the next. And, the next.


This gorgeous prompt from Rochelle and Bradley made me think so many nostalgic thoughts. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again!

13 thoughts on “FF: Till Next We Meet

  1. This is sort of sad but when my husband went in for surgery (yes, he did pass during it) I said goodbye and the nurse said “Not goodbye, just see you later”. Its weird how I live with that. I don’t necessarily think either of us was in the wrong. I think we set ourselves up when we do stuff like this.

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