FF: Forbidden Art


No one can see my face and live, you whisper to me through layers of silk. Kneeling on scratchy straw, pen and paper in hand, I begin to draw.

No one need ever know it is your hastily-unveiled face I capture in furtive pen strokes. Shading beneath your chin, long-lashed eyes, curving smile.

As the guard comes to escort me out, I snap my notebook shut.

“Next week, my Goddess,” I murmur.

“Go in peace, my child,” you reply.


Thanks for another great prompt from Rochelle and Brenda! This prompt made me think of a common motif in my writing: the idea of the unknowable divinity who (not-so-secretly) wants to be known. Of public and private personas and how precious it is when the two can come together. Great prompt. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the stories!

10 thoughts on “FF: Forbidden Art

  1. This is so beautifully written, it creates a great mystery and a feeling of elevation and devotion despite the danger. The theme you explain later is fascinating. Can divinities even exist without worshippers?

    1. That is such a fascinating paradox isn’t it? I guess that’s why I’ve never been much a fan of “mystery religions” but they make for some great stories. Thanks for the question. Over to read yours now!

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