FF: Thin Ice

PHOTO PROMPT© Jennifer Pendergast


Thin Ice

I never quite knew what to say to you or you to me. We spent a lot of time trying to be polite, messing up, getting angry, no idea why. One day, you were having a bad day, and I was too.

We both spoke our minds. Truth flooded out, like an ice dam breaking in spring, threatening to destroy everything – but it didn’t. (We’re both too stubborn for that.)

Nowadays, I may not like you, but I respect you. I think we get along a lot better.


Thanks Jennifer and Rochelle for this week’s prompt.

10 thoughts on “FF: Thin Ice

  1. Communication is an art that few master well. Sounds like this could be between a child and a parent. I’m glad the tiff didn’t tear them apart. Many aren’t so fortunate.

  2. A lovely description of an icy relationship. One that seems frozen and cold, one that confront their differences and allow feelings to warm up. Both of these are considered fragile and fraught. But when the relationship simmers in-between, people say they are bored–now that is dangerous.

  3. I feel this. Pretending everything’s okay is a lot of work. Saying what needs to be said may seem even harder, at first, but it’ll make everything easier in the long run.

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