Book Escapism

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In her hands she holds a book with a silk cover, dark purple and glittering. Sitting down in a quiet cove, the story drifts to a new world, a place of starry skies.

The story connects me to a memory: camping in a quiet world, no Internet, no pressures, just me and my imagination. In the distance, a wolf howls. I click my flashlight to off and curl up in my sleeping bag, surrounded by other campers, not afraid. I close my eyes.

I’m on some faraway world, but the world is also memory. Once upon a time I was elsewhere, me and my tent, finding out what it’s like to be alone, just me and my thoughts. I think I’ll go there again for a while.

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Me and Old Faithful

4 thoughts on “Book Escapism

  1. Hari OM
    I love camping and caravanning – grew up with it, my parents being fans of the outdoor life. One of my little ‘daydreams’ (a la yesterday’s post) is to own a small RV and just go off into the Scottish wilderness for a while…

    I am a tad envious you got to see Old Faithful!!! YAM xx

    1. Thanks Regina. Didn’t we meet a few years ago in Philly? At the WOC meeting there in the hotel? At the pool? I can almost swear we did. I miss travel so much. Getting my second shot next week. Can hardly wait. So many good memories.

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