Sunday Ramble

This week was fun.

Today, I want to try something different, a bit of a ramble. Today in my church, our readings remind us to love one another.

Also, today a believer from my faith tradition said I was being “disingenuous” for defending the apparent faith of a political leader. And then wishing for peace. This really made me think. Am I being disingenuous? Do I not really want peace? But I do. I know I do.

Then, I thought wow that was hurtful. Why do people have to be so mean? Why look for bad intentions?

I often feel like loving one another is harder than it looks. No matter what, angry people are going to doubt you. No matter what, you may even doubt yourself. But, try anyway, right?

That really hurt though. I hate it when people call me a liar. It always feels like that is the end of the conversation then. Because why talk if you are going to say everything I say is a lie now? I remember a large part of the reason I keep leaving is that there are people who want me to a) leave or b) repent of things I am quite sure are not sins. They are some of the beautiful parts of my soul. Should I go or stop talking? Because of a vocal minority?

Then, I think: love anyway. Try anyway.

Happy Sunday.

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