So … That Happened

Apparently, I accidentally scheduled my Friday post for Thursday and now I don’t want to take it down because so many people said nice things about it. But, I don’t want to break my WordPress streak.

I might be a tad obsessive.

Also today (Thursday but scheduling for tomorrow) I got my first Moderna shot (yay) so I’m now on my way to feeling like a normal human being again. Haha. Yeah, that’ll never happen. I mean I am closer to being vaccinated and being considerably less likely to be a disease carrier for at least a year or so. My arm hurts quite a bit. It occurs to me I should have asked to have the shot in my left arm due to being right handed as opposed to the where-the-person-with-the-needle-happened-to-be-standing arm.

I hate needles so much. The rational part of my brain tends to run for the hills when one comes near me.

I’m thinking I might take tomorrow off from … everything. Curl up and finish Piranesi, because the trippy book has gotten really good near the end. Everyone (maybe) wants to kill everyone else due to everyone being (for sure) delusional. It’s set in either an extraterrestrial maze or a shared delusion. I’m pretty sure this is one of those books where I’ll get to the end and Never Know For Sure. No spoilers because heck if I know what is really going on and I’m almost done with it. And, I love it. It makes my crazy feel sane.

Then, I am scheduled to work on Saturday because I’m helping to keep a library other than my usual library stay open despite Covid problems.

I can hardly wait until we achieve herd immunity or the Second Coming or asteroid strike or, you know, whatever.

P.S. Happy Earth Day, fellow earthlings. Enjoy it while it lasts. (Until 2063 per XKCD which is never fictional and rarely wrong.) Oops. cartoon spoilers.

4 thoughts on “So … That Happened

  1. Hari OM
    LOL that’s a neat cartoon – and I figured there had been a misfire of scheduling – it happens… only a week left of alphabetting. Fun as it has been, will be glad to get back into my routine!!! YAM xx

    1. Wow, okay it was totally on purpose then and not because I wanted it all over ASAP and was like just jab me so I can go. =D Thanks. Yeah, I’m very meh today. Like I maybe should not be talking to people as I’m pretty sure I’m occasionally doing it wrong. Have a good rest of the Friday!

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