N is for Nightshade

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter N

In the dark, no one can hear you scream. In the silent swirling void of the chaotic mess of my yesteryear, memories disappear into despair.

And yet, we are never without hope. Pain is never without end.

Buried deep in her garden, luscious red tomatoes wait beside starchy rich potatoes and more.

Patiently, wiping sweat from her brow with a single gloved hand, she watches and waits. The other gardeners will return one day. They will learn to till the land and wait and see. Then, they will come to see her, she knows.

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14 thoughts on “N is for Nightshade

  1. Hari OM
    Old ways never entirely pass away – in rediscovery they become New again! YAM xx

    (Anne, I do hope you go back and reread posts and comments? On Blogger, if you hit the ‘notify me’ before pressing publish on your comment you will get the response directly to your mailbox. I have been trying to find an email address for you – if you care to share, reach out to me via the address in my bio over at AVbloggy.)

    1. LOL. I just remembered, I was partly inspired to include yo yo ma on this one because you had a JT cover of a bach song. It reminded me of this song. I love it. I didn’t really get cello as a solo instrument until I heard it and now I’m like all about cello solos. ❤

  2. Why are those veggies called nightshade? Is it a metaphor for something?
    I heard Yo-Yo-Ma live at a concert, when he performed in Vancouver, where I live. It was years ago, but I still remember. He was amazing.

    1. Awww! Now I really want to know that story, but that’s okay. Was Nightshade a black kitty? I love black cats. What a great name for a cat of any shade!

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