Goodbye Organized Religion

Quick closure post to say that this time I mean it. My on and off again relationship with organized religion in general, I am switching to off. We can worship in small groups or in our homes and gardens and with people of so many different faith traditions. We do not need to bow to the man in order to worship Him/Her/Them the real God.

I’m a blessed, spirit-filled Christian but I was a terrible Catholic. I’m always going to be that square peg, round hole girl. And that is okay. Even though they call on the Holy Spirit, the actual Spirit is persona non grata there most of the time – and that needs to be said because that is wrong. The Spirit is unpredictable and messy and fun and that is okay.

There is nothing wrong with being unpredictable and different. On to other things. This time I mean it. I am NEVER going to a Roman Catholic Church ever again. Ever. For any reason. Ever. Even if I accidentally leave my phone there like that one time. Okay I would go back for my phone. But I am never again going to Mass. Ever.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Organized Religion

    1. Thanks Regina. And, yes. Sorry, I don’t know why I keep going back to this stupid religion. It’s like a bad spiritual penny that keeps turning up and I’m like oh maybe I will go to Mass again. Every time, it breaks my heart worse than the last time. Anyway. Thanks.

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