FF: Leave the Light On

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson


Not sure if I’ll be back,
but leave the light on.
When every other light goes dark….

she thinks of his parting words. She remembers stories: oil that never ran out, hopes too strong to be quenched by physics. Sometimes, she wakes from dreams of him and, for a second, she almost feels him beside her.

On nights like that, she double-checks the tiny electric candle, a frivolous, superstitious expense, but…. She misses him so much, and he did say: leave the light on. So, she does. Just in case it helps him find her in the dark.


Thanks Rochelle and Dale for another inspiring prompt! Hope everyone has a great, mostly non-crazy week.

27 thoughts on “FF: Leave the Light On

  1. This story reminds me of the Belinda Carlise song “Leave a Light On”. Her yearning came through and the anguish of not knowing, the hope.

  2. That, is simply Beautiful! Love this story. I have a small battery op’ed votive led candle. I do turn it on when I’m really missing someone special that’s passed. It let’s hubby know that my heart is sad.

      1. I do plan to. It’s Palm Sunday and I’m really looking forward to fixing up a fine meal for us. We’ll attend church online, and then, maaaayyybbeee, if the weather is nice we’ll go for a hike.

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