FF: Not For Sale


Click the pink froggie to join the fun.

The Paris café buzzes with life, with friends and family and good food.

Rinaldo stares at a pink, bubbly drink – the complete opposite of his mood.

“Did you rent the boat or not?” his friend Phil asks.

“I told you, no. I asked how much she wanted for a ride, and she stormed out.”

Phil reads the menu thoughtfully. “How much for what?”

“To take her out for a few hours. If it’s for sale why not for rent? French women, all the same – gorgeous and impossible.”

Phil doesn’t look up, the barest hint of a smile on his face.


Thanks to Rochelle and C.E. Ayr for the inspiration this week. Loving the pink!

I am picturing my poor protagonist with a drink kind of like this one. I’m sure it’ll turn his mood around soon enough.

Raspberry Kir Royale cocktail with Chambord
From scrumptious-looking recipe at tidymom.net

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