Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Here in the United States, we are celebrating two very different holidays. Well, some of us are.

I have to go to work today, so actually I’m celebrating that. I love my job.

Here in the U.S., we have Columbus Day, aka the day we celebrate this dude accidentally “discovering” some islands off the mainland – that already had human people on them.

On the same exact day, at least some states – not mine, alas – have chosen to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a celebration of the people who actually got to the Americas first.

See the source image

I started these spiritual reflections with a shoutout to a modern-day princess of the Navajo Nation, Valentina Blackhorse, who died as one of many victims of this pandemic. I still have her close to my heart as I continue to write. I will never forget. Ever.

That’s just one of several reasons why this is probably also a good day to say I’ve decided to leave the Roman Catholic Church for good this time. My last straw – and there have been so many straws – is that I’m supposed to be supporting the dismantling of our democracy in order to get a “pro-life” (meaning anti-abortion meaning … don’t even get me started) president back in office. Or something.

Honestly, right now, the Roman Catholic Church and its hierarchy in the States remind me of Aaron with the golden calf, claiming it’s a miracle when we all know they have been – in a very human way – working for this kind of thing for ages. I’m sorry, but this is not MY God.

My God loves all people AS people. God does not try to destroy people’s culture and minds. God does not overlook the people already living there in a play to get more people in. Um, no. That’s something else guys. Something not good.

Thank you to all those who have died, who never got to see their children grow up on this sacred land that I am privileged to borrow for a little while. We remember you. The land remembers you.

Thank you in a special way to the Susquehannock people who historians believe once lived on this land of which I “own” a small part, in my small house, with my two cats. All of which I am truly grateful to have. Thank you.

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