FF: Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

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Ever since we decided to “come out of the coffin,” things have gotten better in some ways and more complicated in others.

For example, non-discrimination ordinances don’t allow No Vampire signs, but villagers could get clever. At my favorite Italian place, I note conspicuous cloves of garlic and let my fangs show as I place my order.

The wide-eyed clerk is young, cheeks flush with the fresh bloom of youth. “Sorry about the garlic,” she whispers as she hands me my change.

“I’ll deal with your boss later,” I reply with just a hint of menace – then smile to show I’m only kidding. Or, am I?

Thanks Rochelle and Dale for another inspiring prompt!

25 thoughts on “FF: Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

    1. Thanks! I have to admit I borrowed most of the world-building notions from Charlaine Harris. Her books are way better than the TV show (True Blood), especially the first couple where it’s like … okay, vampires are people too!

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