On Being Catholic

This past week, I had a couple of interesting online conversations going on, one with a fundamentalist Christian, the other with this Roman Catholic group I’m involved with online. With the former, I found myself spending a lot of time trying to explain why I do not base my entire faith life on the Bible. I’m pretty sure that’s not even possible. I’m not Jewish. I’ve only seen livestock either after it’s been slaughtered and cooked or while at someone else’s farm show.

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This year’s PA Farm Show will be online – and I’m trying not cry. Online farm show??? What???

With the Catholic group, we got into this very deep, very multi-vocal discussion about gender and divinity.

This is what I love about being Catholic. We can have this kind of profound discussion where I learn stuff in ways I never thought of before – where we all get a bit raw and then walk away and go about our spiritual lives.

As someone who was once Southern Baptist and pretty much always fundamentalist Christian before becoming Catholic, the distance between my two Christian universes sometimes feels huge. Yeah, Catholics argue a LOT, but we manage to coexist! Honestly, the Church often reminds me of the mythical hydra. Cut off its head and two will grow in its place. Because it is like that. All the time.

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“Hey, Frank and Paul and Susan and Fred and – who is the new head?”

People sometimes ask me why the Catholic Church? Don’t I actually believe in God, and if so why am I with those hypocrites? I am now at the point in my Christian life where I’m like … whatever. Because, God knows how to sift through and judge us. God knows our hearts.

Catholic means universal. When all is said and done, we fight – a lot – but we will all meet at the same table.

I’m still not sure how they let someone like me in. All I can remember for sure is some really interesting classes, a few non-coincidental divine moments, and that one Easter Vigil, I agreed to a statement that went something like this. “I believe everything that the Church presents, proclaims, and professes to be revealed by God.”

I thought about that sentence a lot. Two parts in particular. First, the part about “everything that the Church teaches” and second the part about “revealed by God.” First, who is the Church exactly? Because to me that means *everyone*. I have to believe everything everyone says? What???

Then, I read the end and I laughed, and I agreed to verbally sign the paper, because haha Dad/Abba/Father. I get it. Revealed by God doesn’t necessarily mean “true” – or a good thing.

Seriously, who wrote this? Am I only the one who sees it??? What is going on here? Are you all quietly laughing at me? What else do you know that I don’t?

Everything about this place is so like that.

And that is my spiritual reflection for the week.

Just one more thing. Okay, I cannot believe people still think the Book of Revelation is literal – and they are absolutely sure they know who/what The Beast and the False Prophet et cetera are (meaning actual, literal people as opposed to ongoing battles against selfishness and sin.) Oh, and if I don’t agree with their interpretations, that means I don’t believe in the Bible. Wait, what??

This kind of thing is why I just smile and nod a lot. I forgot why I did that, but now I’m starting to remember.

Seriously, I do love everyone – a lot – but sometimes y’all a bit much.

4 thoughts on “On Being Catholic

  1. Fascinating. Do you want to post to SEPA WOC? Probably others will be curious, as I am, about where you have the lively discussion with Roman Catholics. Regina


    1. Thank you Regina. I’m on this gamification platform and we’re all kind of anonymous there, which I think makes it easier to talk freely. I kind of like it that way. You can say what you want and what you really feel without fear of what will happen. I don’t know that I would feel comfortable sharing more details. Since it is very clear that what is shared is shared in confidence. I don’t mind saying “we had an interesting discussion” but I wouldn’t want to give any personal details about who says what, unless you wanted to get involved, and then it’s all rather silly but something that helps me personally. Gamification is where you gamify life in this case by “beating up monsters” and such by doing real-life habits.

  2. Little sister, thank you. I like listening to you. My radical catholic belief is that there is no GOD. That word is Male. It is trailed by many adjectives and pronounce which say all the wrong things or rather demands wrong belief. This has been with us for more than 3000 years. It will and must change. I/we believe in a creative force which is a community of persons, probably three. They are not sexed. We use many wrong words to express ths.
    The Scriptures demand reading in context. They have truth but also are badly worded so we draw bad conclusions. All this wrongness is ingrained in our culture and behavior. We will evolve and the sooner that women can reestablish that giving life is the first norm, the sooner we can re script ourselves. Please continue your wonderful insights.

    1. Joseph, That is so interesting. Thank you for sharing your beliefs with me. Not sure if you will see this comment but just wanted to say thank you for sharing. Have a great day.

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