LTG: Reparation for Sin

Hi dad aka 1st person of the trinity,

A week ago, I had this dream.

A guy was house-sitting for me while I was out of town. Then, he decided to rent my house out to some stranger. When I came back to visit, I found my friend living in a much cheaper house. With the money he was making from renting out mine.

I didn’t even NEED the house, so I didn’t actually care. My main concern was that my friend was now hiding in the basement of his rental afraid of what I might say. In the dream, I kept trying to yell out to him that I’m not mad. Seriously. Just please come talk to me. (Okay maybe I was a little mad – but mostly just surprised?)

Meanwhile, I decided to let the third party continue to live inthe place, so long as it was clear that I still owned it. I’d even let my friend have the money since he needed it – but first we had to talk.

In my dream, I knew that I had to find some way to get my friend to at least talk to me again. If I “fixed” the situation without that conversation, there was no way he’d believe I’d truly forgiven him. Things would stay beyond awkward with us.

The dream ended with me wondering how to fix this problem without losing my friend.

Sin and grace are like that. There are good ways and bad ways to go about this. You want to repair our relationship even more than you want to fix all the things we’ve screwed up. But if all else fails you can and will settle for simply fixing the mess.

In other news, there are very few things I genuinely care about in this world. Something has happened to upset me on the level of no one knows or cares. But, it matters to me personally – and to all my fellow Expanse fans. A number of women have made accusations against one of the star actors, one known for interacting with fans – a lot. Based on the accusations, this actor might in fact be a sociopathic predator.

I for one am shocked and cannot believe this stranger I never met might be a creep. He seems so nice on TV.

I bet sociopaths make really good actors. Maybe we should allow sociopaths to act but then they have to live in this Faraday cage the rest of the time. That’s a terrible idea, but – it might just work. Probably against the fifth amendment, though. Darn it.

Now, my favorite TV show could actually die. And that would be bad, because it’s reaching people with a really great message and also some really great visual effects with ship battles and things blowing up. I like to watch things blowing up.

I’ll be mad either way. I’ll be feeling ALL my feels either way.

People would be tearing down statues and blowing up actual buildings, either way (sometimes for good reasons!) People in power would be molesting vulnerable women, children, and goats either way. That kind of thing should definitely be called out and stopped.

But dad, if you have time in between the important stuff, could you maybe Save The Expanse? At least until Amos becomes Timothy again.

I’m going to skip all of the other things I could say, because it all falls under let’s slam the door and deal with this in-house, because you know what. Never mind.

I love you, both you and Yeshua, with every fiber of my being. I will now go back to the work from which I was briefly distracted: talking to people in heaven about a path forward that will work for all of us. Also, trying to make up work-from-home hours at work. Those two things. XOXO.


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