Maybe Men Should Keep Silent in Church…. (For a While)

There’s this oft-repeated Bible quote that (probably) refers to gossip in church and says women should keep quiet, in part because 1st century A.D. was debatably even more sexist than 21st century A.D. Also, people in general should not just come into church and talk about things they obviously don’t understand.

Here in 21st century America, we’re talking about things like privilege, power, and authority. Sometimes what people with privilege (like me) need to do is shut up. As the scripture passage goes on to say, if “women” don’t understand what’s going on they should “ask their husbands” afterward. In this context, if guys don’t get it, maybe they should shut up and listen to those who do – and then talk. In a non-condescending way. If they even know how. Which I’m starting to doubt.

Today at Mass, the homily was going okay. Then the priest decided to end with this part about how fathers are heads of the family. They are responsible for religious worship. Usually (per some study he read somewhere) if the father goes to church then their family does also, but if he doesn’t, they don’t.

Okay, so here is everything that is wrong with The Church, if it is in fact the *male* authority figure that defines Mass attendance. (I kind of want to fact-check this stat, but the *idea* of it is enough whether or not it’s true.) That whole concept is so patriarchal in the worst possible sense. It makes it sound as if fathers have the job of dragging in their kids and their women, because otherwise we’d all stay home knitting or whatever it is women do when there isn’t a man telling us what to do.

I wonder why I’m here then. Well, I have my own reasons that have basically nothing to do with a guy in fancy clothes. Because, women can in fact think for themselves.

I love my father, the one who is now in heaven but especially the one who is always in heaven, aka God the Father. It helps that I know that He is so over this too. God knows better than to think this is all about men or white saviors or <insert privileged class here>. Seriously, though.

Turn the page. Keep reading. The story does get better after this.

Work has been so crazy busy. I need a break. What I don’t need to be told is how superior and necessary guys are compared to women. By guys. Who have been allowed to sell us this line for way too long. Um, no.

thank you, next

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