Quick Update

My real job will probably be back as of the week of June 1st. I can hardly wait. I love my library job. This whole religion thing – I love God the Father and I love Jesus, but I mostly feel like a useless wreck when it comes to trying to understand or explain either one to anyone else. I am going to be so glad when this rollercoaster prayer ordeal marathon is over. I suppose it has helped me to be healed. I just wish it could have happened in some less public and embarrassing – I’m really going to regret this in the morning – way.

I will be pray about turning the letters and such into a book but probably not. I kind of want to forget the past two months ever happened. I won’t just because of the Roman Catholic Church, the worst and best thing that happened to my life since I first met God. Darn the whole lot of you into socks and wooly mittens.

I’m going to take a few days off the Internet to pray in private about whatever, until I can pick up a better attitude. Until then, I think I’ll leave one of my favorite songs.

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