Letter to God 1 – Just Checking In

Dear God,

As you will recall, heavenly Father, I used to have this other blog series, where I wrote increasingly pointed letters to God my Spouse aka Yeshua aka Jesus, about the state of affairs, about where was God anyway.

Every now and again, people ask me if I still blog. I stopped – for a while.

Things got a bit heated when someone brought up this kundalini energy sex stuff in private. Then they got all mad because I vaguely but pointedly used their story and related research to present an example of how NOT to get close to God – with no names, mind you. They were still upset that people might figure out who they were. By magic osmosis maybe?

This person threatened and pleaded for me to take the post down.


All I could think was, first, the whole point of being courageous was that I was not taking down a single post – ever. Second, … no.

If anyone has genuine problems, I will do my best to refer them to people who can help. But – I am not the person who is going to take someone’s B.S. and pretend I didn’t just hear that. Well, unless they at least get me dinner and possibly a movie first.

Then, we’ll see.

Your loving daughter,

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