What happens in Florence, stays in Florence. How I wish that could be true! A few too many glasses of red wine, A few too many rounds of songs dancing- After that, It’s all a blur. Seated in the back of a small cell, To you, I say, “Next time, I buy drinks.” You […]


Cold fire scattered across sparkling skies, Eternal hunter seeking everlasting foe. I’d be empty without- Lost without- The certainty of uncertainty. I fight, nightmare dreams, seen and unseen. I need, to find something left to find. The lights you send, Betelgeuse, Rigel May not even be there, now. I know, in the seeking, we see, […]


Nevertheless You’ve treated me wrong for far too long. I’ve let you. Need to forget you, I guess. But I can’t. It only makes – how my heart breaks, Never makes me love you less, Only makes me love you more. You call me a loser, beggar not chooser, Who else could want me? So […]


  Sharp knife drawn like a thin line across my heart. Decisions you have to make. Decisions I have to make. You can only have one. Breath hitches in my chest, Air dry, Heat rising in ribbons from the dying sand. “Save him,” you murmur. “Save him.” What little strength you have. But I saw […]


Wish I could be more like (you) Patient, kind. I’ve been hurt so many times it hurts. I’m not envious, not boastful, not proud. And what has that got me? While pious show-offs reign. I don’t delight in evil. I can say that much. One day the truth will come out I hope. There’s that […]


Kept Fresh flowers encase our secret hideout. Heady sweet scents enshroud us. We sit together on a worn oaken bench, Hands clasped, like lovers, like friends. Your dark eyes, bright with joy, Skin soft like tiger lilies, exotically tan. “All these years.” -All these years. “You never told.” -I never told. I lean forward, eyes […]


Hammer falls. (Hold my breath.) Hammer falls. (Hold my breath.) Case adjourned guiltyguiltyguilty I am not. I did not. I didn’t.  Rough hands grab    my shoulders. Strong hands lead    me away…. How? Why? Have mercy. Run back. Plead. Fall to my knees. Plead. Run back. Don’t. Wouldn’t help. Don’t. Wouldn’t help. WOULD NOT […]

Innocent Imaginary

Bright-eyed and ghostly white, she stares back at me. Let’s be friends, the first and last words she ever spoke. Let’s be friends. After that, a blur, A warm hand in mine, leading me across Open fields strewn with violet flowers A cascading red sun exploding like fireworks, Food rich like satin running through my […]


Black and grey, peeling fire-charred walls. My defenses destroyed, turned to dust. I never thought hate was a thing before. Go along to get along, always my style. I believed in – I trusted – you. I let myself – stupid so stupid. People warned me, You know I don’t listen, never listen. Photo drops […]