Who Came Up With This?

j-hardy-boxing-gymPHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

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Who Came Up With This?

Way back so long ago people hadn’t invented calendars yet, two brothers came up with this great idea: we will fight each other, and people will pay us money to watch us.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t seem to agree on who came up with the idea first.


“No, me!”

Punches were thrown. Hair may or may not have been pulled (depending on who you “believe.”) Their fight attracted so much attention that they called it an exhibition match and sold tickets to the next one for one big gray stone each.

Thus was boxing invented.

This is my weekly submission for Friday Fictioneers, where each week we write 100-word stories in response to the prompt given to us by author and talent manager Rochelle. For more stories or to add your own, click the froggy! (Just don’t punch him too hard – he’s sensitive.)

Author’s Note: No one have ever been able to convincingly explain to me how beating up people (not oops did my hockey stick accidentally hit you – but literally knocking people unconscious on purpose) is an actual sport.  I have theories.

30 thoughts on “Who Came Up With This?

  1. Men will be men will be men and testosterone and emotions and voilà! A new “sport” is born.
    Good take, Anne

  2. And then both men fell into the clutches of people who could count big grey stones…
    I enjoyed your humorous take on the prompt, and I’m with you all the way as regards boxing’s sporting credentials.

    1. I’ve never seen anyone get a concussion from oil wrestling. BTW – I’m putting my money on the redhead in the polka dot bikini. 🙂

  3. The coach made us box in junior high. My opponent rang my bell about 2 seconds into the match. It’s no fun when you’re the one being pummelled.

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