IWSG: Good Question….

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It’s IWSG Day again and the (optional) question of the month is: How do you celebrate when you achieve a writing goal/ finish a story?

True confessions: I don’t always, because of the little voice inside my head that says don’t reward  yourself for doing something of dubious usefulness. Do you reward yourself for indulging in cheesecake? I usually have to force myself to do the rest and reward thing, because it’s important for … reasons.

I’m *supposed* to take a day off and go somewhere nice to cleanse after finishing a big project. After a shorter one, I (should) take a least an hour or so. In reality, I don’t always and when I don’t, the stress builds. This is probably a good time to remind myself why breaks are important.

1) Because writing is hard and it’s not all fun and easy like eating cheesecake.

2) Because even after you eat cheesecake, you should take time to burn off those calories.

3) Because writing is hard and it’s important, and you should treat your accomplishments like accomplishments and honor them. That way you can reprogram your brain to write better and not just because you have to.

All of this is true. I know this. Sort of. Good question!

What about you? How do you reward yourself for finishing a project? (Do you reward yourself?)

4 thoughts on “IWSG: Good Question….

  1. This perspecive is possibly more common than you think. I do have to push myself (well, my husband usually tears me away from my computer to make me take a break whether I’m celebrating or not) to celebrate (if that’s even the right word) because I’m never ‘finished’. There always seems to be more to do, to polish etc. It’s difficult to let go of a story.

  2. I don’t reward myself, and I also admittedly maybe sorta addictively write. I enjoy it too much. I’m a thinker…I do too much of that too. For me personally it’s not so much a matter of rewarding myself but rather taking, or making time to do something relaxing. I kind of need to force myself to do this though, because to me writing is relaxing until it isn’t anymore. I know when I’ve been working on something way too long, but by that point I’m already burning myself out. (And struggling to pull myself away from it.) I have a plan though…crochet…crochet is my answer. Once I get a project going I’ll be able to walk away from the keyboard, snuggle up on the sofa and just crochet.

    1. Thanks Tina,
      Sorry for not responding sooner! I’ve never been able to do crochet (or knitting.) I think I might lack the patience and the dexterity for it. I’ve tried. I bet that is a good break idea though. Hope you’re doing well.

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