Celebrate the Small Things


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This Friday, I am literally celebrating the small things, being back home after a whirlwind trip around the U.S., with a brief foray into Canada. I literally got home a week ago pulling an all-nighter for the last leg of my trip and getting home at 7:30 in the morning last Friday.

So, that’s the number one thing I’m celebrating this week.

Writing wise I’m celebrating finishing yet another novel draft, this being the gazillionth draft of an on-going project where I’m doing substantial editing to get my characters working together. I’m really happy with this end-to-end revision and am now determined to leave it alone for a while so I can come back with fresh perspective. I’ve sold one business writing article this week also and really need to write more. Got a couple solid days of cardio in despite not feeling so well. My body is still not accepting East Coast time despite having been home for a week.

Enjoying some really great weather here. It was really great to see the world. It is also really great to be home again.

How was your week?

7 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things

  1. Yay to trips! I hope you had a wonderful time. And congrats on getting through another draft. I hear you on writing more. Guess it’s time to hit those sprints a little harder…except for you, of course. You blow them away every time 🙂

  2. Your trip sounds exciting, but yay for being home. Novel revisions go much better in stages. That is: one full revision for characterization, one for dialog, one for prose, one for description, one for weeding out cliches, etc. Go you!!

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