Friday Fictioneers: One Last Beer


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One Last Beer

Old Sal never saw a drink he didn’t like. You don’t believe me?

Let me tell you something. You remember that billboard we used to have out on I-9, the one for that car dealership? People said the competition knocked it down for a lark but I know for a fact Sal was reaching behind him for the last beer, when WHAM. I smacked his hand.  And wham. He crashed.

I died. He lived. Now that the old goat has finally made it to the pearly gates, we have a score to settle. He still owes me a beer.


This is my entry for Friday Fictioneers and I’m pretty sure it’s a terrible, terrible story. Admittedly the first thing that came to mind when seeing this photo was Tubthumping and then I started thinking of funny song lyrics we always get wrong. I still don’t entirely believe the real lyrics to that song are the real lyrics to that song….

15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: One Last Beer

  1. I hope there’s not too much score-settling going on behind the pearly gates. Could be unpleasant. I love your story – fun twist. Great voice.

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