Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate blog hop

So, it’s Friday, the day when we get together and share the good things that have happened.

  1. I got paint. From a really nice guy who works at Home Depot. I even did the survey thing because I wanted to say how awesome. Now I just have to use the paint to paint the top of my garage door. I’ve never painted anything in an adult,  not art class way way before, without someone else supervising I mean, which is totally different. I’m nervous. I may actually have some fun watching the paint dry. =D
  2. Father’s Day with dad. We actually had  really good one where we went to his favorite park afterward and we are heading back this weekend.
  3. Last but not least, awesome Twitter writing group! These guys are helping me to write every day with daily sprints at 9:30PM ET. It occurred to me that I’m now juggling like 15 novels in various stages of completion. Which is almost like real work.

That’s pretty much it. How was your week? Positive feelings to all.

Friday Fictioneers: Maiden’s Lament



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This is my submission for Friday Fictioneers, a weekly blog hop where we all write stories of about 100 words (this one is slightly under – yay) in response to a prompt. To join in and to see more stories, click the blue froggy!

Maiden’s Lament

I never look back to see the sun set through the tears that cloud my vision. I thought this time would be different. You would accept me for who I am.

I can still remember the awe on your face as the many-colored rays cascaded around my relaxed body, thrumming with ancient magic.

“You said you were different but wow,” you said, smiling in awe.

The glances came later, the suspicions, the moments of fear when I got angry.

I’m sorry.

I take wing, now a glistening swan, my preferred form. I never look back again.

Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate blog hop

It’s Friday and that means it is time to Celebrate!

  1. I am celebrating getting slightly ahead of the curve and (mostly) writing this the day before. 🙂
  2. I have a new garage door that actually opens and closes automatically. This is a small thing which is now nearly a year in the making due to – lots of problems.

2016-06-17 08.44.04

  1. I’m getting back into the Flash Fiction habit.
  2. I’ve started editing a novel with a lot of characters and tangled plotlines by writing out individual plot synopses for each character. I’ve never it this way before but it’s really helping me get a handle on things and I’ve spun ten or so scenes so far out of this project.
  3. Also I signed up for the summer reading club at the library and got a cool lanyard. Yay.

The one thing I have not done much this week is sleep.

Friday Fictioneers: (Less Than) Half the Story


Photo Copyright – John Nixon

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This is my submission for Friday Fictioneers, the weekly 100-word flash fiction sprint helmed by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. For more stories and/or to add your own, click the blue froggy above.

It’s been a while since I’ve written as part of this blog hop but the versatility of responses this week’s picture made me giggle so many times while reading some of the stories – and then think deep thoughts along with others. Mine is a serious story but I still think the picture is hilarious. For the record. In my happy place the clown is actually okay despite performing a really cool trick or possibly not actually a clown at all. Happy Mid-June!

(Less Than) Half the Story

“Pleading the fifth should be illegal.” Trying to be funny. Cameron’s cheek still throbbed beneath the bandages. “Only victims get tortured now.”

Lisa Thompson did not smile, did not move, not even to glance at her watch.

“Next time I see you, Cameron, is going to be in the morgue. After he kills you.”

“I’m such a klutz.” Cameron pleaded with her pale green eyes. Please believe me, those eyes said. Please don’t be angry.

ADA Thompson nodded once. She stood and left the room without another word, closing the door definitively behind her.

Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate blog hop

For this week’s Celebrate the Small Things, I kind of want to start out by saying this feels like a week where I got nothing done, but usually by the time I’m done typing I realize that isn’t entirely true and it makes me feel better, somewhat. =D

  1. I weeded somewhat. Okay I still feel like I’m at war with my yard and my yard is winning BUT the tide is turning somewhat. I tried Round Up and my yard laughed at my feeble attempts. A few plants yielded but the peskiest ones (including a couple patches of what I’m pretty sure is poison ivy) simply laughed at my pitiful attempts. So … I put on my triple layer glad it was cooler than usual for June clothing and pulled the weeds out myself with only a few teensy poison ivy bumps on my forehead. Next time, hockey mask?
  2. Writing wise, I have made serious inroads into my antagonists. I keep cross-populating antagonists across my novels. I watched and totally loved Deadpool (which definitely earned its R rating because it was like South Park meets Daredevil) and found myself oddly inspired by the crazy. Thank you Redbox for the free movie code.
  3. I got a lot of almost-summer spring cleaning done. I’m typing this from the library where I borrowed a book called the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Organized and it is so helpful. I get a lot more done at the library.
  4. Also I visited the gym every other day this week. I sold the one for-pay article I wrote although I’m mostly focusing on my fiction at the moment.
  5. As mentioned in Item 1,  I really want to celebrate what a gorgeous week it has been. The weather apart from the thunderstorms has been so pleasantly cool and just about perfect. Why can’t every day be spring and/or fall?

How was your week? Happy June!

Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate blog hop

Okay it’s been a month since I’ve posted so I feel like Celebrate the Small Things Friday is more like an entire month. My dad turned 80 and we had a lovely surprise party. He also has received a completely unsolicited offer for our childhood home which is a bittersweet blessing because it is time to move on.

This week, I’m celebrating that is National Donut Day as Lori MacLaughlin reminded me. Yay! The first year I found out about this I drove over to the Dunkin Donuts and (seriously) ordered an iced coffee and pretended to be surprised when they said you get a free donut today. After all, I’m not the kind of person who would go out of my way to get a free donut. The cashier was all like – right, you and the other hundred people who “happened” to come by.

Honestly, I really wanted to know if that was a real thing because – seriously?? Yes, yes it is.

Also this week I’ve been buckling down on writing the bad guys for several of my novels and finding they’re the same bad guys I keep trying to deal with – over and over – again and again. I’m sort of proud of myself, sort of frustrated.

How was your week? Anything great, not-so-great, bittersweet?


IWSG: Antagonism


It’s June and the first Wednesday of June and that means it is time to post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, where once a month we get together to share our insecurities, our successes, and generally help share the burden of the writing life.

This past month has been a bit crazy. I had a recurrence of poison ivy while trying to weed, which has started to make me feel like I’m at war with my yard – and my yard may be winning. This past weekend I had a migraine while watching this experimental art house film. I had to leave and sit down for a minute while my eyes stopped seeing weird things in the corner. Seriously freaky. Life is hard sometimes.

At this moment in my writing life, I’m fleshing out character development for my antagonists in particular. I struggle with writing about evil, real evil. I keep wanting to pretty it up, to save the bad guy from him (or her)self. Not in a cool, antihero way either. In a Care Bear, let’s all hug away the bad guy’s secret pain sort of way.

I think my watered down conflict is an extension of my own insecurity, a tendency to want to avoid conflict at all costs. Maybe I need to dig deep and not be afraid of the worst that could happen. That sounds so scary though. Why can’t we all just get along? Like how Sherlock and Moriarty hug it out in the end – all the way to the bottom of Reichenbach Falls, right?? Right… 🙂

How do you deal with conflict in your writing? What kind of conflict makes for a good book? Can you think of your favorite literary villain? What makes that villain really work? How does their story end – or how do you picture it ending?

Happy IWSG Day!