IWSG: Find Your Voice


Well, here is February. Like many people in my local area, I’m a bit cabin-feverish. I’ve managed to dig out my driveway, cutting a path through the snow drifts, but the roads are scary,  reduced to 1 1/2 lanes at unexpected, brake-hitting moments. I find myself only going out when absolutely necessary.

I have had more than usual amount of time to think – and read – and write.

I recently read Stephen King’s newly updated Salem’s Lot.


I can’t lie; I love his prose, especially his early novels. Every time I hear the phrase “turtles all the way down” I think fondly of It. (And how as kids who read the book we’d have fun with the pronoun.)

IT cover

Anyway, in the foreword to Salem’s Lot, King compares creating a novel to breathing and outlining to artificial respiration. And, I thought, ouch! That was really funny – and cutting. Perhaps there is something to that, not the outlining part which is personal, but having the courage to speak in a cutting – and funny – way. Some might say – well, he can say that because he’s *Stephen King* but I wonder sometimes if in part he’s *Stephen King* because he is willing to say things like that.

I need to find my voice. I was reminded of a song I wrote when I was young and naive, and wrote songs intended to encourage. One of the lines went “Find your will, find your spirit, find your voice.” The words haunt me, like a ghost of something I once knew. Writing, to me, is in part this bug, this childhood fantasy I can’t quite let go of or forget.

What about you? How do you find your voice? How do you create? What do you most respect in other writers? Has a writer ever spoken especially to you?



2 thoughts on “IWSG: Find Your Voice

  1. I was having the same thought this week. The really good writers go deep. They share the sort of thing that would make me blush and cringe, and then leave me fearful of showing my face in public. They’re bold and honest.

    Love this quote! “Find your will, find your spirit, find your voice.” I must make that a meme for my Facebook page. I’ll be sure to add your name. It’s wonderful. Young you was quite the poet!

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