IWSG: Happy 2016!


Happy IWSG Day and Happy 2016!
As I write those words I can hardly believe them. When did 2016 happen? Where did 2015 go? As I look back on the past year and forward to the year to come I see lessons learned, writing done, so much more to do. How was your year? Any resolutions for the year to come?

6 thoughts on “IWSG: Happy 2016!

  1. Happy New Year, Anne! Most of 2015 was good until the last six weeks or so. This year started off on a sad note, but I’m doing my best to keep a positive outlook. The year has only just begun, right? 🙂 To a healthy and prosperous 2016. Hugs, Eva

  2. Yes – the year 2015 sped by really quickly! I fell behind on things, but isn’t that always the way? 2016 will be a great time for new opportunities! 🙂

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