Friday Fictioneers: Untitled

PHOTO PROMPT – © Erin Leary

In my dream world, we could all be equal, not lined up in tidy little rows, not all conveniently the same shape or size, but not so different, in some sense the same.

We could all join in agreement that maybe, just maybe,  Someone looking down from above could see us in all our

diversity uniqueness beauty,

as we really are: precious, and special, worth protecting, worth


Then, I close the book, and open my eyes, and awake, to dream a little longer with you.


My 100-word entry for Friday Fictioneers (technically closer to 90 but who’s counting?) Running behind this week, but came down with something – yet again – fever, sore throat, mostly lost my voice (which is irritating, lots of communicating by gesturing). I can hardly wait for this winter to be over. I have never gotten sick as many times as I have this winter. But at least I had this mostly written first. 🙂 Glad I somewhat planned ahead, but also the mushrooms and Rochelle’s touching story this week especially inspired me.



10 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Untitled

  1. I like this little dream, and it’s so true. We’re really more the same than different. It read as poetry, and I agree with Erin, sparse and deep. Nice!

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