IWSG: Feeling Derailed


Here’s my post for Insecure Writer’s Support Group where the first Wednesday of every month we all share our writing experiences.
Well 2015 is starting with an interesting wrench in the form of being sick in January and now trying to get my derailed train running.
Mid last month I started trying to watch what I say due to knowing when I’m tired I sometimes say things I’ll regret. And this kind of sucks because that has translated to lots of second guessing, especially in my writing. I’m having a hard time getting things done and then putting them out there because I keep looking at my projects and thinking no that sucks. File it away for never.
I’m embarrassed to admit how many works I have kicked to the curb this past month and how many times I have wondered when I’ll get out of this slump.
That said I’m forcing myself to keep writing through it. I know I know this too shall pass.

8 thoughts on “IWSG: Feeling Derailed

  1. Such is life! You have the right attitude, though, by just powering through it. We all think our stuff sucks. That’s why there’s all those editing phases. Hang in there!

    Gwen Gardner, IWSG Co-host

  2. Good for you for pushing through and continuing to write. I think our opinion of our work is greatly affected by our lives. Sickness never makes anything look beautiful, and winter is such a tough time of year. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for not giving up. Something will strike your fancy soon, I truly believe it.

    My IWSG Post

  3. Anne, I could have written this post. (In fact, I wrote something like it. LOL) January started out so well with lots of good intentions–until a nasty virus got me down. It’s hard to get back up when you’re sick and tired…and sick and tired of being sick and tired. Hang in there and feel better soon.

  4. We all go through ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like we’ve been down far longer than up and words just don’t console us. You are doing the best thing you can, and that is keep writing. You might hate it now, but in a few weeks you might feel differently about it. Keep on going and don’t lose faith in yourself.

    Good luck!

  5. It’s so hard to write when you’re sick and exhausted. I know my creative juices don’t flow when I don’t feel well. I think if you give it time your muse will come around again. Don’t lose hope! Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

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