Friday Fictioneers: Go Baack


Photo Credit:Sandra Crook
My response to the weekly writing prompt at Friday Fictioneers. An InLinkz Link-up.

Genre: Light Fantasy

Balaam was not having a good day. First, there had been the locusts, then the fiery rain, and finally thick darkness. Suddenly, a herd of sheep appeared from nowhere, surrounding his car. One of the sheep even began talking.

“Go baack. Goooo baaaaaack.”

Balaam rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. He had been working way too hard lately, going from town to town casting love spells, curses, and other such alleged magicks for superstitious villagers. Now, he was hearing things. After this next job, he had to take a few days off.

Acknowledgement: My sister, Margaret, helped me with this one, and deserves partial credit/blame.

7 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Go Baack

  1. Next thing he knows, his donkey’ll start talking to him. “There’s an angel, I say!”
    I liked your story a lot, and enjoyed the reference.

  2. Dear Anne and Margaret, Wonderful and cute story. Maybe the driver has turned himself into some kind of animal already and Balaam doesn’t remember! Really cute story! Well done! Nan Claire 🙂

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