Friday Fictioneers & A-Z Challenge: Closed


This is my response to the prompt at Friday Fictioneers, a slightly less than 100 word story. It is also my entry for the A-Z Challenge, with C for Closed.

Title: Closed
Genre: Realistic Fiction

After running for over a mile, Meghan reached the store.

A flipped-around sign marked Closed. Glass. Ten tile-covered feet.

It might as well have been a mile, might as well have been concrete and mortar.

Brick. Mortar. That gives her an idea.

Glass shatters. In she walks. In a display case near the door, she finds what she needs.

Bills and a hastily scrawled apology lay discarded on a bare counter. The sign in the unbroken window still reads Closed.


I actually wrote several different versions of this story in my head, with different things being what she’d gone to grab (some the object of an addiction, others a genuine emergency). I decided it would be better to leave it with some ambiguity.

What do you think?