IWSG: If Wishes Came True

April 3 question: If you could use a wish to help you write just ONE scene/chapter of your book, which one would it be?

It’s IWSG Day and that means time to share another milepost along the writing journey. What part of my book would I like to be able to write via magic wish?

Is all of it an option? In all seriousness, it’s always amazed me how often my ideas sound so good in my head but not in writing. If I had a magic genie and were going to use just one wish, I’d say something like – please Genie just write the First Chapter for me. After that, I can do the rest.

Now I’m wondering, does it count as plagiarism if you steal from magic writing? I’m picturing an awkward conversation with Copyscape about this. Like, dear Copyscape I think my genie has been helping multiple writers, because that should be all original.

Here’s a life hack I picked up from the well-written opening scene of Dead Witch Watching, one of my favorite urban fantasy novels. If you’re going to make magic wishes, your first wish should always be … to not get caught. Think it through!

Happy April!

King for a Day



Art from Vladimir Zuñiga of Foca.tk

In retrospect, I should have known something was not quite right about the offer. I had already decided to stop responding to strange internet ads. Like, that one time the really great deal on a new Xbox turned out to be a cardboard box with an X and a smiley face on it. Ha ha. I got it later, and it was worth the dollar for the joke.

I thought it would be fun to be king for a day. It is apparently part of their religious ritual and I fit the description (5’5 medium build with brown hair and blue eyes.) As promised, they fed me really well and people did whatever I asked. Also, the clothes are pretty cool, and the crown – beautiful.

I should have asked what they meant by sacrificial victim. I should have asked. I thought it was symbolic, you know, like I would wave at the group while they held up a “sacrificial” loaf of bread or something. Now the flames are rising and it is getting hard to breathe and, well, if you can read this I want to pass on some sound advice.

If you ever decide to respond to a weird online ad promising to make you king for the day (or whatever), make sure you get all the details first. Then again (really feeling dizzy now) maybe I should have really stopped responding to strange online ads.