IWSG: My Ideal Book World

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July 6 question – If you could live in any book world, which one would you choose?

I just finished a book called Legends & Lattes, this heartwarming found-family book that got me – bam – right in the heartstrings.

Man, I would love to live in that world. Sure, the MC has some issues with her former coworkers and sure there is this whole issue with a curse/blessing from a magical stone. Sure, she’s being pressed for protection money by the locals. That’s okay!

She’s not going to let any of that stop her from opening the first ever coffee shop in a town where no one has even heard of coffee before….

No spoilers, but it is THAT kind of story, so you know from page one that everything works out in the end. Mostly.

In a world that seems to keep getting crazier by the day, I like to imagine a better one. Of course, I do. In my ideal world, not just me but NO ONE is hungry or desperate or so evil that they would take advantage of people who are hungry or desperate. In my world, if anyone were like that, well, I would do something about it. And, preferably, that something would not mar the rest of my day.

In my dream world, there would definitely be coffee and cats. And chocolate. And, even if we were all different (species), we would all get along and respect each other.

What about you? What book world(s) would you like to live in?

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