FF: Home Sweet Home


“What is it really like in there?” people still ask, years later.

Quarantine forced hundreds of us to stay for decades in The Hidden Library. Years passed, while the deadly book-wyrm raged outside.

Magic archways lead to the Library of Alexandria, to safely replicated surfaces of distant stars, to all of the places and times someone wondered: what would it be like there?

I remember strangers weeping together for their families, intimate conversations over coffee with friends I will never meet again.

“You’d be surprised how normal people there are,” I always say. “In the end, we all missed home.”


Thanks Rochelle and Brenda for this week’s prompt.

The prompt this week reminded me deeply of my last trip to New York City before the pandemic. I was walking along a street in Midtown I believe and passed a gated doorway like this one, and there was also a plaque giving the historical implication of a building where people clearly still lived. I remembered thinking of all the times I’ve paused to wonder what it would be like to live in a place like that, to have keys and be able to walk right in. How same/different would it be?

One of the things about the pandemic and quarantine was how for a moment, I think so many of us were on the same page.

I like to think heaven will be like that but without the deadly plague part. I often like to picture heaven as a gigantic library, and then what if this heaven were secretly on earth but only scribes know how to visit it, to save records of life and earth so we can visit it (sort of) later. I actually wrote a novel like that in 2019 for fun, a concept piece. Not much of a plot. Maybe I’ll revisit it eventually. The mere idea makes my heart sing.

Hope everyone has a great week!

11 thoughts on “FF: Home Sweet Home

  1. I love the way you blur the distinction between the readers and the characters in a book. It’s a good way of showing that the reader brings their own pov to a book. A book is never read the same way twice.

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