FF: Both Sides Now


We’ll never be friends, but we’re too exhausted to be enemies, in your flower-strewn backyard on a sunny day.

In the slick red shoebox, a hamster’s body lies still. You only got to spend two days with Petey. I resist the urge to laugh at your grief.

Instead, I stare down at the dirt mound, at the hole in the ground.

“Deep enough?” I ask.

“Why are you being nice to me?”

I’ll take that as a yes. I drop the box and proceed to cover the hole.


If this story seems rushed, it totally is. But how can I not when it’s my prompt this week? Thanks Rochelle! The picture inspired me to think how perspective can change in unexpected ways. You never know.

7 thoughts on “FF: Both Sides Now

  1. Dear Anne,

    Interesting relationship you’ve established. You left me wanting more.
    Love the photo. BTW I think I have a few more of your photos but I didn’t put your name on them so I’m not sure. And I can’t find your email address to ask you. :/ Such are my organizational skills.



    1. LOL, Rochelle. You already used the only two I sent you, so that must be someone else, but thanks for checking in. I was wondering if this one would be too kitschy to use, so was surprised to see it – and right when I was thinking I would probably have to skip this week. LOL. Thanks for all you do.

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