FF: Impossible – Until It Isn’t

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

There’s nothing like raw desperation to make you do the impossible, the inconceivable, the necessary.

Paula stares at the ticket in her hand.

He would have killed me if I stayed.

Keep repeating that mantra, Paula. Be brave. You’re so brave. Climb the steps of the Greyhound Bus.

Smile at the genuinely nice man who offers to help you with your bag. Sit in that seat, there. Good. Take out the cheap plastic burner phone.

The engine starts. The bus starts to move.

“Yeah, mom. I’m on the bus. I’m safe. Yeah, I can talk now.”


Thanks Roger and Rochelle for this week’s prompt. The topsy-turvy world in it made me think of times when people do impossible things because they have to, and then that made me think of the often-grueling decision to leave an abusive relationship with an abuser who – among other things – makes you honestly believe you are nothing, too weak to go. Until, one day, some do. And, some of us even stay away for good.

Not the only time people do impossible things to make the world a (slightly) better place, but it’s the first one that always comes to mind.

13 thoughts on “FF: Impossible – Until It Isn’t

  1. How happy I am for her that she found the strength to get out of there! Thank goodness she has a mother as her life-line. Well done, Anne.

  2. I like how you allow this story to unfold through Paula’s thoughts and small actions. Readers can really connect with what she’s going through because of this approach. She’s found the courage to take the first step and the rest will follow to bring her to safety.

  3. To get away alive and to have a safe place to heal are double blessings. The amount of sustained courage it takes is impossible in retrospect. I admire anyone who has done it and I wish strength to anyone currently contemplating it.

  4. Thanks to all who commented. I started reading other stories and I’m getting a bit emotional, so I may need to skip most comments back this week. It’s definitely “me not you” situation. I’ve been putting it off to let the feelings bleed off, and there they are, feelings.

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